“You are here” - Jessica Brown Fine Art

“You are here”

At a time when a simple trip to the supermarket has been a reason to get dressed up, the prospect of travelling further afield – whether it be a local beauty spot, or Bhutan – is beyond exciting.

We have all been contained for so long, yet at the same time, been on a colossal journey through the pandemic together. We’ve been isolated, but at the same time many of us have made unexpected connections with neighbours and others we have come across along the way.

These ideas found there way into my latest series of paintings incorporating pieces of vintage maps, called “You are here”.

I’m delighted to share with you that the first two pieces to be finished in this series – pictures below – have already sold. Before I’d even put them on my website!

Beginnings 75x75cm, mixed media on canvas

Where do you want to go’ 65x 80 cms, mixed media on canvas

I’m busily working on four more pieces in this series. Watch this space!