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Where does inspiration come from?

‘Meet you there’ by Jessica Brown

Inspiration is a funny old thing. I often get asked where my inspiration comes from and recently had cause to ponder this question yet again, when I was interviewed by the wonderful artist Nino Yuniardi.

Well, there are a couple of layers to this. On the surface – so many things inspire me – maps, the lines of a ploughed field, the shape of a flower, old wooden boats with paint worn back by the sea, telegraph lines spanning the sky, the bridges along the river where I walk my dog every day – to name a few!

While I sometimes incorporate these recognisable elements into a painting, as an abstract artist I want to leave the painting open to interpretation by the viewer.

On a deeper level, whatever the inspiration of the painting, I realise that I’m always exploring the same thing through the shapes, lines and colour that I use. And that’s the journey we are all on, the connections we make along the way, and the traces and marks we leave behind. It’s thrilling when someone connects with one of my painting on an emotional level.

In some paintings I have taken the idea of connecting lines further and incorporated actual threads into my work – as in the painting below.

‘Fine Line’, by Jessica Brown

If you’d like to discover more about me and my art practice, you can see my interview with Nino Yuniardi here: Artist Spotlight: Jessica Brown – YouTube

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