What inspires you? - Jessica Brown Fine Art

What inspires you?

This is the question I get asked more than any other about my painting.
It’s not an easy one to answer as inspiration comes from everywhere:
lines in the landscape, peeling posters on a building, the colour palette
in a cushion, the curve of  a beautiful handmade pot. Or an idea,
such as joy or hope.  These are mixed together with my mood and experience,
and what comes out on the canvas is a bit of all of it.

Currently, I am drawn to the idea of moments of joy. To stop striving and just be.
This is the inspiration for my latest series of paintings.
As spring approaches, I hope these paintings inspire you to
“stand and stare” … as W H Davies said.

I will be releasing the full series of paintings later in the spring,
but here is a sneak peak at three new pieces from this series:

“Taking the day off”.  Mixed media on board, 66x66cm.

“You might see an angel anywhere”. Mixed media on board, 33x33cm.

“Something about Spring”.  Mixed media on board, 33x33cm.

You can see “Taking the day off” in person at Montpellier Gallery ,

“Something about Spring” is among an exhibition of new
limited edition prints on show at the Gallery Dentist,
Leaminton-Spa from 19 March – 30 May. If you’d like to see these in person,
you can visit the Gallery Dentist at 29 Leicester St, Leamington Spa, CV32 4TD.

I’d like to say a big thank you for all the support I’ve had for my work.
It’s been an amazing start to the year, with so many of you collecting my paintings,
including seven pieces sold in the last 3 weeks.  One of which, I’m pleased to say,
is currently on it’s way to the USA! I couldn’t be more grateful.

My work is also available at:
Wychwood Art
Montpellier Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Finally, in these extraordinary times,  I can’t sign off without mentioning COVID 19
As the talk of lock downs and self isolation ramps up, I hope art can still provide
some joy and connection between us.

Till next time.

PS I would be delighted if you forwarded this email
to any friends or contacts you think may like my work.
Thank you!