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Raw and refined

“Linear Symphony No. 3” 1972-1978, by Victor Pasmore. © Estate of Victor Pasmore.

Victor Pasmore is one of my favourite artists. During a recent trip to Malta, I visited the VP museum – a beautiful jewel of an art gallery in Valletta. The little gallery, tucked away in what was once a gunpowder store, has a dozen of his works – mostly from Victor Pasmore’s time living in Malta.

For me, the  simplicity and refinement of Pasmore’s marks next to the rawness of the construction techniques and other freeform elements, exactly hit the sweet spot. And it’s this element of refinement and rawness together, that I hope to bring to my own work.

I made the small collage sketch below, while looking out over the rooftops of historic Valletta to the Mediterranean.

Sketchbook drawing, mixed media, Malta 2018.

Back home in my studio, I  completed the painting  “Over the rooftops and out to sea” which I hope contains some of this spirit.

“Over the rooftops and out to sea,” by Jessica Brown 2018. Mixed media on wooden board, 60 x 60cm.

If you would like to find out any more about this painting, or any of the other paintings on my website, please contact me using the contact page.

Till next time.