Map paintings are here! - Jessica Brown Fine Art

Map paintings are here!

Four new pieces are now available from my ‘You are here’ series incorporating fragments of maps. I hope you enjoy them!

I’ve talked before about my love of maps – something about their potential, showing us all the places we could one day go. I found the symbolism of this especially poignant over the past year, when the only journeys we’ve been able to make have been in our imagination.

The largest piece in this series is ‘Fugace’ , 120 x 90cm. ‘Fugace’ is Italian for fleeting, or transient. I gave the painting this title, because we leave marks and traces wherever we go, which in the end, are all fleeting. Yet it is exactly this transience which makes the journey so valuable.


Fugace’, Mixed media on canvas. Size: 120 x 90cms, £1,800

The three ‘Traces’ paintings – which you can see below – have a light, airy feel, which convey a sense of potential!

Traces I’, Mixed media on canvas. Size: 50 x 40cms, £485.

‘Traces II’, Mixed media on canvas. Size: 50 x 40cms, £485.

‘Traces III’, Mixed media on canvas. Size: 50 x 40cms, £485.