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Doing lines

“From a distance it might look straight, but when you get up close, you can always see the line waver. And that’s where the beauty is.”  Margaret Kilgallen

It’s been a long winter where I am. But spring is nearly here and I’m looking forward to the longer, lighter days ahead, and the inevitability of change. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about growth and change in my artwork, and which things continue to inspire me.

As an artist, the closer I get to what really inspires me and makes me say a big, definite yes, the closer I will be to producing artwork that resonates with others.

A source of inspiration for me has always been the beauty of a simple line. It may not always stay that way in my artwork, but I love the simplicity and directness of lines. Picasso’s line drawing of a peace dove is an early favourite:

Picasso's dove

Recently, I started a ‘Red Thread’ series of paintings. These pieces incorporate red lines, sometimes made with paint, pencil or pastel, and sometimes, in the case of ‘Crossing’, ‘Fine line’ and ‘Keeping close’, actual cotton thread. Red lines can say all kinds of things, but in this series, I’m influenced by the Chinese proverb ‘Red thread of fate’ which says you are eternally connected to your soulmate, no matter where you are. This got me thinking about the ties and connections we have with people in our lives, some strong, others very fragile, some lasting a lifetime, others falling away quickly. Lines and connections between people; vapour trails in the sky; tracks in the landscape denoting scars and history – an endless source of inspiration.


Crossing. Mixed media on paper, 25x34cm on paper, Jessica Brown, 2018.

Coming up:

You can see some of my work at the Royal Birmingham Society of Arts (RBSA) Open exhibition which runs till the end of March: //

Till next time.