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“When Jess delivered the painting, I was blown away. The painting was so much more than a space filler for my new kitchen. It was a stunning piece of art that both moved and calmed me. The tears I shed then for the emotional impact were ones of joy and the feeling that my new kitchen had been transformed into a place I love.  Jess’s artistry and talent to capture emotion in brush strokes and colour is a joy to see, an enduring pleasure to own. “

Jayne, Moseley, Birmingham

“Been a fan of Jess’s work for some little while and it was a real treat to receive, speedily and in pristine condition, a limited edition print of the lovely work ‘Something about Spring’. Makes me light of heart and brings a smile to my face looking at it!  Love her style and colours. Highly recommended.”

Helen, Shipley, West Yorkshire

“My painting arrived Jessica. And oh boy…it is stunning. Thank you so much. I feel so privileged to have a piece of your work which I’ll forever enjoy xx”

Helen, Edinburgh

“My husband bought one of your paintings  for me. I fell in love with the painting the moment I saw it in the gallery and was then heartbroken to find that it had been sold before I’d had a chance to buy it myself.

However it turned out to all be a big conspiracy as come my next ‘significant’ birthday, it was my surprise gift. My husband had bought it, and  my parents had collected it and stored it for nearly a year. It remains the best birthday surprise and I was both incredulous and overjoyed when I saw it.“

Anna, Malvern, Worcestershire

“I do find it intriguing how some artists paint/create in such a way that somehow just connects with something deep inside you. Your work does this to me!”

Jan, Warwickshire 
“We love it! We’ll look forward to keeping in touch with your future work.”
Karen, Warwickshire
“I wasn’t looking for a picture for my new loft extension particularly.  I’ve never felt any connection with abstract art previously.  However this all changed when I saw Jess’s work at an exhibition in Warwick. I was so taken with the painting and couldn’t stop looking at it and all of a sudden I knew it would be absolutely perfect on my new wall!  It was rather smaller than I wanted, but Jess had got some limited edition prints – which were lovely and larger – so I opted for this.”
Jean, Stratford-upon-Avon
“I bought this painting, ‘Open your heart and let the sunshine in,’ in memory of my Mother who passed away on Feb 1st…..she would have loved it…both the work and its sentiment. Many thanks and best wishes.” 
Phil, Manchester
“When I look at my Jessica Brown painting – which I do every morning as it hangs opposite my bed – I’m completely absorbed by colours and textures. Every time I look at it, there’s something new to discover and I can get lost just staring at the beautiful little details.  Not great if I’m trying to get ready in the morning – I should probably move it to a different room…”
Sandra, Birmingham
“As a recipient of one of your paintings, bought for me by my late dear dad, I would like to say that it is the centrepiece to my dining room. It is much commented on and gives me an enormous amount of pleasure. It gives a sense of light and space, inviting me into another world.  My father and I went to an exhibition in Birmingham where we saw this collection. I fell in love with this one and my dad later surprised me with it!
I’m now a keen follower of your work.”
Sarah, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire 

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