The past is another country - Jessica Brown Fine Art

The past is another country


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Medium – mixed media on canvas
Size (cms): 90×120
This painting is unframed. The canvas is 3cm deep and the sides are painted white for a clean contemporary look.




The title of this piece is inspired by the first line of the JP Hartley book ‘The go-between’ which is ‘The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.’ I’ve always loved this line as for me it sums up those intangible memories from long ago which feel so distant, it’s like they happened to someone else.

This painting is part of a series which explores the theme of journeys. Pieces of vintage maps have been collaged into the painting. Each layer of paint adds a new element to the story of the painting – rather like the traces and marks we leave behind us – all leading to where we are now.