Joy Rising - Jessica Brown Fine Art

Joy Rising


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Medium – mixed media on board
Size (cms) 33 x 33
Framed – slim off-white wooden frame



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On a cold, rainy day in October, I was given a present of a bulb in a little vase of water. An accompanying label told me to put the bulb in a dark cupboard and take it out ten weeks later. I pretty much forgot about it, but then at Christmas, while looking for candles, I came across it again, and put it on the window sill. Seeing its tentative shoots turn into a burst of green and pink is such a lovely gift. As it flowered into a beautiful hyacinth, the days have started to get a little longer, and although it doesn’t feel like it, the year is already turning towards spring again. I hope the vivid colours, and something of joy and hope comes through in this picture… .