Fugace - Jessica Brown Fine Art



Mixed media on canvas
Size (cms): 120 x 90
This painting is unframed with hanging fixings ready to hang on the wall. The sides of the canvas are 4cm deep and painted white, giving it a clean modern look.


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This painting is part of a series which explores the theme of journeys.  ‘Fugace’ is Italian for fleeting/ transient. I gave the painting this title because we leave marks and traces wherever we go, but in the end it’s all fleeting and transient. But on the up side, it’s about valuing the journey we are on – for exactly the same reason.

The ‘You are here’ title of the series, refers to the map boards found in the middle of a city, or at the start of a country walk, with a pin showing your current location.

Pieces of vintage maps have been collaged into each painting. There’s something wonderful about the potential of maps – showing us all the places we could one day go – particularly poignant in these unprecedented times of the pandemic, when the only journeys we’ve been able to make have been in our imagination.

Each layer of paint adds a new element to the story of the painting – rather like the traces and marks we leave behind us – all leading to where we are now.

The ‘You are here’ series explores the theme of journeys. . The lines in the maps and the lines I make in the paintings suggest the journeys and connections we make with people and places throughout our lives.