Jessica Brown Fine Art

Jessica Brown by Colin Bailey

“When Monet painted his series of the west façade at Rouen Cathedral in 1892-4 he chose the motif not for its intrinsic architectural interest but as a vehicle for his exploration of the properties of light – its capacity to create, and paradoxically, to dissolve, form.  Similarly, Jessica Brown’s paintings of facades and buildings have as their theme not so much the objects themselves but colour so vibrant, so intense, so lyrical that one imagines them to be the product of an artist who has for long lived in the South of France.

“Her buildings and facades are also like Monet’s in that they are delectable individually and work together supremely ‘in series’, in concert with one another. Jessica shares with that great master an innate compositional sense and a compelling fascination with the subtle interplay of surfaces, the ambiguities of space.

“All her works hold in delicate equilibrium the sensual and the intellectual. Like Picasso, who as a child drew as beautifully as Raphael, Jessica moves lithely between the simple Klee-like forms of Red Fish and Boat and the primordial womb-like Cave Painting, fresh and intense belying its 20,000 year pedigree.

“Jessica Brown produces simple images, refined almost to the point of abstraction, imbued with colours as strong as those of Matisse and as poetic in their harmonies as those of Ceri Richards.”

Dr Colin Bailey BA, PhD, FSA, FSASCOT, FRSA
Colin Bailey is an independent Art Consultant. He lectures extensively in Britain and abroad, and has written numerous books and exhibition catalogues. He is a fellow of the society of Antiquaries, and a member of the International Association of Art Critics.