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I’m an abstract painter working from my studio in Warwickshire. My work comes from looking at the patterns, shapes, forms, and colours of my surroundings. I’m drawn to intersections – such as organic shapes next to geometric ones.

My paintings may remind the viewer of these sources of inspiration, but I try not to make “pictures” of any of it.  I use an abstract language of mark making that is both personal and universal. A visual language that I hope has the power, like music or literature, to uplift, and communicate.

The shapes I use vary depending on my current inspiration, but I often repeat certain lines, shapes and symbols.  You may also discover fragments of maps, or words buried beneath the surface. Although these elements appear in an abstract context, they retain echoes of meaning which the viewer can relate to as they respond to the painting.

I use a range of materials: paint, pencil, pastels and collage to build up my paintings in an organic way. I overlay layers of paint, mark and collage to build up the image. This creates glimpses, hidden spaces, things half-seen, suggested. The more you look, the more you’ll see. I continue working until I feel harmony and balance has been achieved and the image has been “found”.


I’ve loved art and painting from a young age.  However, after a detour which involved obtaining a BA Hons degree in German from Manchester University, I returned to my true passion of painting, when I enrolled as a mature student of Fine Art at Birmingham City University. After leaving art college I had nearly a decade of success, selling my work through galleries in the West Midlands, Yorkshire and elsewhere, taking part in numerous solo and joint exhibitions. During this period I sold more than 100 paintings through the galleries that represented me.

Subsequently, my path took another detour,  into the office environment,  and I worked for several years in Communications at the Civil Service handling the media for VIP visits, including Royalty and Government Ministers. It was a very different career from painting, but so much of what I learned, around communication and creating connections, feeds into my art today.

For the last few years, I’m so happy to be in a position to fully focus on my painting again being selected for the Saatchi Other Art Fair, and showing through several local galleries.

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Exhibitions & Events


Kunsthuis Gallery, Crayke, Yorkshire, 6 April – 27 October.

Warwickshire Open Studios, Market Hall Museum, Warwick,  15 – 29 June.


Royal Birmingham Society of Arts (RBSA) Open Exhibition


Selected for The Other Art Fair, Bristol
Foster Frame Art Gallery, Stratford-upon-Avon
Contemporary art fair: Discover Gather Give, Stratford-upon-Avon
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Deasil Gallery, Leamington Spa.
Burlington Hotel
Taylor Pick Gallery, Beverley, Yorkshire
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Taylor Pick Gallery, Beverley, Yorkshire
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
Taylor Pick Gallery, Beverley, Yorkshire
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Sold work through an art dealer, Birmingham
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Number 9 The Gallery, Birmingham
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Ombersley Gallery, Worcestershire
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
Parkview Gallery, Birmingham
2007: 3 individual commissions undertaken.
Work in various private collections in Yorkshire, Birmingham, London and elsewhere.
Won ‘Highly commended’ award from the Daily Express for the most promising new artist for the year.

Studied Fine Art at Birmingham City University, and Warwickshire College.