Jessica Brown Fine Art

Doing lines

“From a distance it might look straight, but when you get up close, you can always see the line waver. And that’s where the beauty is.”  Margaret Kilgallen It’s been a long winter where I am. But spring is nearly here and I’m looking forward to the longer, lighter days ahead, and the inevitability of […]

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From Venice to Stratford-upon-Avon

I fell in love with Mark Bradford’s artwork when I saw an image of this painting: Working in both paint and collage, Bradford’s abstractions incorporate many layers, using elements from daily life such as posters, scraps of paper, and even the squares of paper used to dye hair in hair salons (Bradford’s Mum was a […]

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Summer Art Update

A whistle-stop tour, took us from a grey, wet England to the baroque mansions of Valletta, Malta, surrounded by sea and bright blue sky, then on to the historic town of Como on the famous lakeside, and finally to Venice where there was inspiration overload! We were in Venice mainly to visit  Biennale Arte 2017. […]

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